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redesigning teams for greater workplace flexibility

Redesigning Teams for Greater Workplace Flexibility

By Jill Wells | September 5, 2019

Can a flexible working environment be the answer to increased productivity and more successful teams? In an age when so many employees require workplace flexibility, working ‘9 to 5’ is becoming increasingly archaic. Redesigning teams around flexible working schedules and locations could prove the difference between highly engaged employees and those who resent the lack […]

job ad mistakes that can attract the wrong candidates

5 Job Ad Mistakes That Can Attract the Wrong Candidates

By Jill Wells | August 26, 2019

Job advertising has become a modern art form. A three-sentence paragraph will no longer suffice to attract quality candidates. Potential applicants need to be informed and impressed – but what happens if something goes amiss with the advert? Job ad mistakes are pretty common. A missing word in the job title or irrelevant information can […]

how to tell if a candidate will fit your company culture

How to Tell if a Candidate Will Fit Your Company Culture

By Jill Wells | August 20, 2019

It’s a recruiter’s nightmare – hiring a new employee, only to find they don’t share the company vision, genuinely care about your products or services, or fit the company culture. You part ways, and the recruiting process begins again. The Victorian Public Sector Commission estimates that a poor recruitment process can cost a company up […]

benefits of psychometric testing in assessing candidates

5 Benefits of Psychometric Testing in Assessing Candidates

By Jill Wells | August 16, 2019

If you’re finding that traditional recruitment methods just aren’t netting you suitable candidates, it might be time to add psychometric testing to the mix. We therefore take a look at the benefits of psychometric test in assessing candidates. Psychometric testing can help predict a job applicant’s likely behaviour patterns, attitudes, mental reasoning and personality type. […]

how to write a cover letter

Comprehensive Guide on How to Write a Cover Letter

By Jill Wells | August 10, 2019

When you are applying for a job, employers typically want to see a resume and a cover letter. The purpose of a cover letter is to essentially introduce yourself and make yourself stand out above the other applicants. Knowing how to write a cover letter is imperative to give yourself the best shot at the […]

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The Best Interview Questions to Ask

According to research, a candidate only has 7 seconds to make a good first impression. 71% of employers won’t hire a person if their personal grooming is not to a high enough standard, and 39% of rejections are due to a lack of confidence. Preparing for your interview is essential! 47% of candidates fail because […]

How to Hire the Right Administrative Assistant

Your business often suffers when you try to overly multitask by wearing different hats and trying to perform all roles. All it may take to reduce the workload is to hire a competent administrative assistant. Administrative assistants are indispensable members of staff. After delegating the heavy workload to them, you’ll find the time to brainstorm […]

Top 10 Skills Your CV Can Benefit From

In July 2021 Australia’s unemployment rate declined to 4.6%. This is considered full employment and means most people who want to work are finding jobs. There has been much uncertainty due to the pandemic, however, now is the time to sharpen your CV as workers come out of lockdown and return to the office. Many […]

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