Finance & Accounting Recruitment

WellsGray provides full-service finance & accounting recruitment, covering a broad range of roles for every industry. Our experienced accounting and finance recruitment team have access to Melbourne’s most extensive network of finance and accounting professionals.

The finance and accounting world is changing at a rapid pace. New technology abounds, processes and tools change year-on-year, and regulation shifts with each incoming change of government.

To keep pace, we screen finance and accounting candidates on a wide variety of factors, from the knowledge of emerging technologies to familiarity with state and federal legislation, ensuring your new hire will add genuine value to your business.

finance accounting recruitment

Hire Qualified & Experienced Staff through our Finance & Accounting Recruitment Solutions

We perform thorough background and reference checks on all candidates, checking in with previous employers to gain a comprehensive overview of the candidates’ skill levels and qualifications.

Our finance and accounting candidates undergo a range of interviews and aptitude testing, allowing us to gauge job seeker ability and gain a thorough understanding of the roles for which they are most suitable.

Roles & Responsibilities of Finance & Accounting Staff

Finance and accounting roles may vary significantly between industries. Common job positions include:

  • Financial Officers and Controllers
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Bookkeepers/Accountants
  • Payroll Staff

Why Choose WellsGray for Finance & Accounting Recruitment?

We offer a refined and comprehensive recruitment process, designed to hire the best permanent or temporary finance staff and accounting officers for your specific role. Each candidate must go through the entire recruitment process before we present them to our clients.

With access to Australia’s most extensive network of professionals, WellsGray's accounting and finance recruitment in Melbourne will help you select the right person to fill your finance vacancy.

Need finance or accounting staff? Get in touch with our recruitment team today and find out how we can help.

Speak with our accounting and finance recruitment experts today.

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