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WellsGray healthcare and medical recruitment agency in Melbourne provides a wide range of recruitment solutions to the public and private sectors, as wells as to not-for-profit employers across temporary and permanent positions. 

Our network of highly qualified and experienced candidates reaches into every corner of the healthcare and medical industry.

Australia’s healthcare industry is one of the strongest and most competitive in the world. This is why finding qualified and experienced healthcare staff is often a long and drawn-out process for most medical institutions.

Despite workforce shortages impacting the healthcare industry in Australia, our healthcare and medical recruitment specialists continue to successfully fill healthcare and medical roles across Melbourne. 

In this way, we’re able to maintain a comprehensive database of qualified and experienced candidates for all departments.

Medical Staffing Agency

Why WellsGray Recruitment?

With over 20 years of talent-sourcing, our medical staffing agency services are second to none. In fact, we’ve made our way to the forefront of the industry’s recruitment sector.

Our specialists constantly keep up to date with vital industry updates to adapt our healthcare and medical recruitment processes to the emerging changes.

With many years of experience in the industry, we have developed a strong focus on the quality of candidates we supply to clients.

At WellsGray Recruitment, we are perfectly positioned to successfully and efficiently supply temporary or permanent staff for any medical and healthcare job position.

With our passion and commitment to help you find the best employee for the job, we align our agency to your business or institution by tailoring our recruitment services and processes according to your exclusive job requirements.

This means that all successful candidates undergo an extensive interview process, aptitude testing, and qualification, background and reference checks. We also establish their goals, skills, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

We, therefore, always exceed our clients’ hiring expectations.

Healthcare & Medical Roles we Recruit For

The healthcare industry is one of Australia’s biggest employers with workforce accounting for more than 12% of Australia’s national employment.

As a medical staffing agency, the roles in the healthcare and medical industry we recruit for include:

If you need healthcare or medical workers, get in touch with our highly trained healthcare and medical recruitment consultants and we’ll find the best person for the role.

Roles We Specialise In

Office Managers


Executive/Personal Assistants

Customer Service

Office Admins

Team Assistants

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