Temporary & Permanent Recruitment of Not-For-Profit Staff

Here at WellsGray, we have over two decades of experience in recruitment for non profit organisations. Our specialists are therefore qualified in recruiting staff in the not-for-profit and NGO sectors, and placing candidates into a wide array of some of Australia’s leading charity organisations. If you aim to find the best talent for your non-profit organisation, our not-for-profit recruitment consultants can help you build a team that will sustain and grow your institution into a lasting and fruitful enterprise.

not-for-profit recruitment of staff

The importance of recruitment for non profit organisations

Some of the most important factors to consider when hiring for the not-for-profit sector are the candidate’s desire to help others, as well as his or her levels of empathy and passion for the organisation.

It’s frontline not-for-profit staff that do the hard work of engaging with the public during charity drives and big marketing campaigns. WellsGray assists in not-for-profit staff to build an in-demand workforce using temporary staff ensuring you have the team on hand to cope with the fluctuating needs of your organisation.

If you’re looking to build a sustainable & engaged workforce for your not-for-profit, get in touch with our dedicated team of recruiters. We help not-for-profits & NGO’s build top-tier teams to help drive growth for your organisation.