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Marketing is how you get in front of potential customers and communication is how you keep their attention whilst getting your message across. Advertising has been turned upside-down over the past decade with the introduction of digital marketing and the rise of social media has many businesses struggling to keep up. Find your next marketing guru with the help of our marketing recruitment team.  Contact us to discuss your marketing & communications recruitment requirements.

In a digital-first world, professionals with marketing and communications skills are in high demand as more and more businesses transition to the use of digital marketing channels. This is why we specialise in recruiting high-performing marketing and communications staff.

Businesses must hire marketing and communications staff who are comfortable with multi-platform advertising such as web, social, email, search and mobile, and can work within a crowded, ever-changing marketplace.

Our specialist marketing and communications recruitment consultants keep up to date with industry changes and adapt our recruitment process to suit new and emerging technologies and platforms.

Work with Melbourne’s leading marketing and communications recruitment specialists.

marketing communications recruitment

Find Top Marketing & Communications Talent in Melbourne

We understand the intricacies of marketing and communications required to thrive within different business niches.

We help businesses connect with strategic marketers that can effectively leverage digital and traditional channels, engage customers and build brands.

Our experienced team can guide you through the marketing and communications recruitment process; helping you refine your needs and lock down the exact requirements of the role. This method allows us to provide only top-tier candidates and a win-win scenario for both client and candidate.

We hold an extensive pool of candidates qualified across a broad range of industries. We’re therefore able to quickly find the right person for your next role.

Our candidates are not only specialists in their marketing and communications field, but they also possess the technical, creative, analytical and strategic thinking required to carry out successful campaigns.

To discuss your marketing and communication requirements in more detail, get in touch with our marketing recruitment team today and engage us to find your next permanent or temporary marketing team member.

What are the different roles in marketing?

Marketing offers an array of career opportunities for people who retain the necessary skills and qualifications required to pursue a career within the industry.

People who pursue marketing careers generally find themselves working for marketing agencies or in-house where various campaigns for multiple local and/or off-shore businesses are often taken on.

WellsGray actively maintains an extended network of potential candidates for various marketing and communications roles.

Some of the marketing and communications roles we recruit for include:

  • Marketing Communications Officers
  • Advertising Specialists
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Copywriters and Content Writers
  • eCommerce Specialists
  • Social Media and Multi-Channel Strategists
  • Project Managers
  • Search Engine Optimisation Specialists
  • Campaign Managers

With strict qualifying processes and standards, we ensure that the right marketing candidates complete the appropriate screening process and you receive the best candidate, who does not only meet your requirements but also fits into your business culture.

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