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Our executive & personal assistants recruitment consultants in Melbourne take the hard work out of searching for high-quality executive and personal assistants. Top-tier executive assistants are one of the most valuable investments a company can make, and our team maintains relationships with an extensive pool of talented executive assistants and personal assistants.

While executive assistant roles are different in every business, they share some fundamental tasks and responsibilities. Discretion is a must, as is the ability to schedule upcoming tasks and appointments in an efficient manner.

Executive assistants are the organisational arm of your executive team, safeguarding their time and organising your team for peak productivity.

Our Melbourne recruiters spend one-on-one time with potential executive assistants, establishing their strengths and weaknesses and ascertaining which role will make the best use of their abilities. We also see it as vital that your executives are matched with complementary personality types, and staff who will contribute to company culture.

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Find Highly-Skilled Personal Assistants in Melbourne

Need dedicated secretarial or administrative support personnel for your management team? Assigning the right personal assistant will help senior managers or executives better manage their time and be more productive.

A good personal assistant will manage complex diaries for senior executives and management personnel, arrange travel and schedule meetings. They will also be responsible for screening calls and visitors, provide administrative support and prepare business and finance reports.

What are the Duties of Executive & Personal Assistant's?

The duties of executive and personal assistants vary from company to company, as each company has different administrative and support needs.

The general duties of an executive assistant involve a combination of administrative and managerial responsibilities, whereas personal assistants (PA) carries out administrative duties on behalf of one individual – typically a manager or an executive.

Executive Assistant Duties

Executive assistants support the needs of business executives. Here is how the duties of executive assistants differentiate from that of personal assistants:

  • Scheduling meetings and engagements, and ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts
  • Office management – managing the work of clerical and administrative employees, maintaining office supply inventory and ensuring the smooth functioning of the office
  • Communicating information to the executive leadership team
  • Administration – screen phone calls, organise mail, summarise reports
  • Prepare information for internal and external distribution – letters, data reports, presentations, transcribing, proofreading, editing, etc.
  • Maintaining electronic and paper company records
  • Data analysis using computing and critical thinking skills, and create reports which identify any core concerns
  • Maintain discretion and confidentiality in the knowledge of protected information

Personal Assistant Duties

PA’s assist with relieving their manager or executive from administrative tasks. In this way, the manager or executive is able to focus on the core strategic needs of the business. The duties of PA’s generally include:

  • Acting as the point of contact for the manager or executive
  • Managing schedules, organising meetings and scheduling appointments
  • Booking transport and accommodation
  • Setting up conferences
  • Keeping track of important tasks and deadlines
  • Administration – maintaining administrative systems, preparing reports and presentations, managing databases and filing
  • Communicating with staff and clients
  • General office support – performing research, completing legal reporting, handling expense admin, etc.

With access to Australia's largest databases of permanent staff and temporary staff, WellsGray provides talented Executive and Personal Assistants for your office and management teams.

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