Whatever the reason for your search for temporary work – whether a true Melbournian or a traveller passing through – WellsGray Recruitment can offer you short-term and contract assignments. Covering a variety of industries from healthcare, automotive through to financial services, we offer temporary staff excellent conditions and the opportunity for a healthy work/life balance.

Temporary work is no longer the domain of transient and seasonal workers, but a career choice in its own right. Offering varied surroundings, temp work also presents the opportunity to build new skills, add a large number of people to your professional network, and earn higher hourly rates.

In comparison to permanent work, temp work offers a level of flexibility and allows you the time between contracts to use as your own. Whether taking a mini holiday, volunteering, spending time with friends and family, or just simply having some downtime with a good book and a cup of tea, temp work is an excellent option for those looking to balance their work and home life.

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