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WellsGray Recruitment is a specialist team assistant recruitment agency based in Melbourne. We specialise in providing businesses with skilled and qualified team assistants who possess a strategic and innovative approach in supporting team members of a workplace. Our network of team assistants includes prestigious talent which stems from a plethora of industries across Melbourne. With our extensive, collective knowledge and invaluable insight into Melbourne’s job market, we are able to successfully match your job requirements to high-quality candidates for team assistant roles.

With over a decade of experience in helping businesses find staff in Melbourne – particularly providing team assistant recruitment solutions for businesses seeking team assistant staff – we have fostered a large network of professional and reliable relationships.

As many of our highly-skilled candidates come from an array of industries, your team assistant will have already possessed the training and skills necessary to seamlessly assist teams; guaranteeing an efficient and effective workflow environment from day one. In turn, the candidates we provide our clients with for team assistant positions are renowned to have played a large role in fueling the growth of teams within a business, as well as businesses itself.

We are committed to finding you top tier team assistant staff while retaining excellent services, ethics and transparency throughout the entire recruitment process so that you can focus on the core responsibilities of your business.

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What is a Team Assistant?

Professional teams often need additional administrative and project support when it comes to project deliverables, record keeping and data management. This is where a ‘team assistant’ comes in.

Team assistants can be referred to as the ‘foundation of a team’. They ensure projects run smoothly, retain effective communication across team members, and collect and input data into electronic files for record keeping to ensure team members can produce an analysis, report and presentation of project results, seamlessly. Team assistants, therefore, allow members of a work team to focus on their core role within a business by dealing with all time-consuming ad-hoc tasks – ensuring an efficient flow of work.

Team Assistant Roles and Responsibilities

Team assistants share similar duties to office administrators; some of which include:

  • Scheduling appointments with clients
  • Sorting emails, documentation and electronic files
  • Communicating deadlines with team members
  • Ensuring clients receive the necessary documents
  • Organising internal team meetings and office lunches or dinners
  • Organising any necessary travel and/or lodging arrangements
  • Preparing and communicating itineraries with team members
  • Communicating deadlines with team members
  • Data and project management
  • Ensuring team members stay within the prescribed budget and keeping track of project expenses
  • Managing the team’s inventory of supplies
  • Recording and transcribing meeting notes
  • Arranging conferences or seminars
  • Running errands

At WellsGray Recruitment, we understand that for this reason, it is important that an office team assistant holds the relevant digital, data entry, proofreading and communicative skills, as well as financial knowledge, required to meet the demands of a team assistant job.

Top Qualities of a Team Assistant

Our team of dedicated agents at WellsGray Recruitment are experienced and qualified in delivering the best recruitment solutions for business seeking team assistants. That means not only hiring staff who meet the exclusive requirements of the role.

With this in mind, we find staff who fit your business culture, identify with the key values of your business and possess the unique qualities required to succeed and progress within the role.

During our comprehensive recruitment process, we ensure that prospective staff possess:

– Strong and efficient administration skills on both paper and digitally.
– Effective communication, interpersonal, interactive and organisational skills.
– An interest in the industry or niche, as well as in the work as set out in the job description.
– The adaptability to work in a pressurised environment using various management styles.

Contact the team at WellsGray Recruitment in Melbourne and talk to one of our experienced recruiters today to learn how we can help find you the best Team Assistant professionals that your business needs.

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