Our Temp Agency will assist you to Find Staff for your Office Positions

As a temp agency and a permanent recruitment agency, we are dedicated to handling the entire temporary staff recruitment process towards finding the right candidate and providing clients with a complete supplement of temp workers.

Modern workplaces can benefit immensely from the introduction of temporary staff. Providing an on-demand workforce tailored to the needs of your business, WellsGray Recruitment agency's temporary department supplies specialised temporary staff to supplement existing workforces, without the added overheads or commitment of engaging full-time employees.

Since 1998, WellsGray has built its reputation as one of Victoria’s leading specialist providers of temporary, contract and permanent staff, having proudly established long-term relationships with its clients and candidates.  WellsGray is renowned for providing a personalised, professional and quality service from start to finish.

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Why make use of our Temp Agency for your Staff Recruitment?

By outsourcing the time-consuming process of finding temporary staff with WellsGray Recruitment, we help you focus on the core needs of your business by liberating your key personnel and removing the stress of additional time-consuming labour.

In this way, we streamline our clients’ ongoing productivity and business operations.

Our professional temporary staff recruitment specialists have an extensive understanding of Melbourne’s job market. Not only do we take the time to understand your temporary job requirements but we are also able to match candidates to the exclusive requirements of an industry role. This is what makes WellsGray Recruitment Melbourne’s leading efficient temporary employment solution.

In getting to know each client and ensuring that we meet every client request, our specialists develop a customised recruitment action plan to present the right candidate that will fulfill each clients’ short term needs.

Now’s your opportunity to taking some weight off your business by making use of our qualified temporary staff recruitment specialists for an efficient, convenient and affordable staffing solution.

The benefits of an on-demand workforce

Temporary office-support employees are a cost-effective way of covering short-term variations in work volume, allowing you to maintain a high standard of cohesion within the workplace.

WellsGray’s temporary staff can assist by covering absent employees and those on annual leave, allowing for minimum interruption to workflow.

Hiring temporary staff provides more than just monetary benefits. WellsGray can supply office staff with specialised qualifications and skills to carry out new projects and help complete existing ones to a higher standard. There’s no need to provide specialised training to existing employees when those skills may only be required for a short period of time.

As Melbourne’s leading temporary recruitment specialists, we are distinguished in exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing high-quality and professional services, exceptional talent and affordable solution across many industries.

Roles We Specialise In

Office Managers


Executive/Personal Assistants

Customer Service

Office Admins

Team Assistants

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