What Are the Advantages of Using an External Recruitment Agency?

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A survey of HR professionals in Australia and New Zealand showed that it costs nearly $10,000 to hire one employee for an entry-level position. Finding ways to hire the best candidates more efficiently can save you time and money during the hiring process.

Do you want to learn more about what of the following is an advantage of using an external recruiting agency? Keep reading these 6 reasons why it is advantageous for business owners to use recruitment agencies near me.

1. Optimised Hiring Process

One of the biggest benefits of engaging job recruitment agencies is that it leads to a faster hiring process. When you have open job positions, you likely want to get them filled as quickly as possible. 

By utilisting a recruitment agency, you will find that they secure reliable candidates much faster than you or your employees can. Recruitment agencies have a database of potential employees and a large network. This means they can find people who perfectly fit your requirements in much less time.

This also means that you will not have to deal with people who are not qualified for your position. A recruitment agency will help you weed out people who do not fit your criteria. This allows you to focus your attention and time on those who would make good candidates. By using a recruitment agency, you will not have to waste time or resources on interviewing candidates that you will not hire. 

2. High-Quality Candidates With More Potential

Next, a recruitment agency can assist you to find high-quality candidates that would be a good fit for your company. The recruitment process ensures that all candidates are screened and referenced. You can be confident that each applicant is highly qualified. 

Engaging a recruitment agency also increases the chances of finding employees that are knowledgeable or have a background in your industry. This means you will be able to find the most suitable candidates for your needs.

When you select high-quality candidates with high potential, it also leads to more opportunities for growth for your company. Adding talent to your team can help you broaden your capacity. 

3. Creates Appropriate Job Descriptions

When you are hiring a new employee, it is important that you have an accurate job description if you wish to secure the right candidates. Using an external recruitment agency is one way you can achieve this!

They can assist you to identify qualities and additional qualifications to add to your job description in order to attract the right candidates. Doing this can help you cast the right-sized net as well. 

For example, if you are posting a vague job description on every online job board, you will likely get a large pool of unqualified applicants. However, by creating the perfect job description, you will find relevant, qualified applicants. 

4. Use External Resources

As was mentioned previously, hiring employees without any assistance can take a lot of resources. However, when you use a recruitment team, they will take on all the responsibilities associated with hiring new employees. 

This means that the hiring process will be as speedy and as smooth as possible, especially when using a company like WellsGray who focus on client satisfaction. 

By hiring a recruitment agency who utilises external resources, it allows your HR team to resume their own responsibilities, which keeps your company running as smoothly as possible. It can also save you money in the long run when you hire an external recruitment agency. 

Hiring can cost companies thousands of dollars, you don’t want to constantly hire unqualified candidates that will not stick around. Instead, using a recruitment agency will help you find candidates that will have longevity with your company. 

5. Industry Specific Knowledge

Another huge benefit of using a recruitment agency is they have industry-specific knowledge. This means they know exactly what your needs are when it comes to employees and can find candidates who are suitably qualified. 

Regardless of the industry you work in; you can find recruiters that can assist. For example, WellsGray offers recruitment within the healthcare sector, not for profit, professional and member services, etc.

Our specialized team fully understands the unique needs of your industry and will find the best solutions for your employees whether you need help with marketing recruitment, automotive recruitment, and many more.

6. Different Employment Duration Options

Finally, a recruitment agency can assist you to find options for employees, whether you are looking for a permanent addition to your team or if you need a temporary recruitment option.

For example, companies that have a busy season may not afford extra employees year-round but could use extra help during specific times of the year. 

If you are in this position and need help finding temporary employees, a recruitment agency can help you find temporary employees with the experience required. 

Learn More About The Types of Recruitment Agencies Today

Hiring new employees can be stressful for a business. However, hiring an agency to handle recruitment can take away some of this stress and make the hiring process efficient. When you hire a recruitment agency, they can save you time, money and find you the most qualified candidates for your job.

Do you need help with healthcare recruitment, automotive administrative recruitment, professional or member services recruitment, marketing recruitment, not for profit recruitment and more? WellsGray can help! We offer specialised administrative recruitment across multiple sectors and can assist you to find the best candidates to join your team. Contact our team today to assist you to recruit either a permanent or temporary employee.

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