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why are interpersonal skills important

Top 10 Interpersonal Skills & Why they Matter to Employers

By Jill Wells | July 4, 2019

What are interpersonal skills?   Interpersonal skills definition states that these are skills that people use in order to communicate and work with others. Whether you’re looking for a job or climbing up the ladder, you’ll realise that these skills are important to have. There are hundreds of interpersonal skills, most of which depend on […]

highest paying jobs in australia

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

By Jill Wells | June 12, 2019

Job seekers look for employment based on a number of different criteria. They may organise their search by location, company values, flexible schedule, or growth opportunities. Regardless of other priorities, salary negotiations are always a consideration when making a move to a new career possibility. Listed below are the top 20 highest paying jobs in […]

how to write a cover letter

Comprehensive Guide on How to Write a Cover Letter

By Jill Wells | May 10, 2019

When you are applying for a job, employers typically want to see a resume and a cover letter. The purpose of a cover letter is to essentially introduce yourself and make yourself stand out above the other applicants. Knowing how to write a cover letter is imperative to give yourself the best shot at the […]

common interview questions and answers

How to Prepare for an Interview: Common Interview Questions & Answers

By Jill Wells | April 10, 2019

Job interview preparation tends to cause people more distress than any other aspect of the search. For many, it is even more distressing than preparing a resume or learning how to dress for a job interview. That won’t be the case if you are prepared for some of the most common interview questions. Our specialists […]

does your talent recruitment process deliver the right candidates

Does Your Talent Recruitment Process Deliver The Right Candidates?

By Jill Wells | November 21, 2018

Australia’s got talent – but how do you approach talent recruitment? If your talent acquisition practices aren’t delivering the talent you need, it may be time to examine the methods you are using. This will help you determine whether or not you are getting the most out of your recruiting strategy. Talent recruitment has certainly […]

resume hints and tips

Resume Hints and Tips You Should Follow

By Jill Wells | August 17, 2018

Putting together a CV? Or perhaps wanting to improve your strike rate with recruiters? The WellsGray team have over 20 years of experience and are more than happy to share some insider tips with you! Resume Tips and Hints: Stick to standard font types like Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana, and avoid using coloured text […]

how to make a good first impression in an interview

How to Make a Good First Impression in an Interview

By Jill Wells | August 1, 2018

Interviews are all about making a good first impression. Your potential employer will be judging you on a number of criteria, including your appearance, presentation, body language and what you say. It’s important to create the best possible first impression to help your chances of getting the job. Here are a few ways you can […]

how to tailor your application to beat the filter bots

How to Tailor Your Application to Beat the Filter Bots

By Jill Wells | February 26, 2018

As online recruitment becomes increasingly popular for employers, many companies are turning to sophisticated software to find the best candidates in less time. Applicant tracking systems – software that records applicant information and filters applications by scanning keywords and phrases – are now widely used among employers. For companies that routinely receive hundreds or even […]

how temp work can boost your job prospects

How Temp Work Can Boost Your Job Prospects

By Jill Wells | February 26, 2018

Are you keen to land that perfect job, but don’t feel you have the experience or contacts to be successful in your search? Temp work may be looked down on by some, but it can be extremely useful if you’re looking for work, particularly if you have been out of the workforce for a while, […]

questions to ask during an interview

Five Questions to Ask During an Interview

By Jill Wells | February 26, 2018

You know that you’ll be asked plenty of questions during your job interview. But don’t pass up the opportunity to ask your interviewer a few carefully chosen questions of your own before the interview is over. This shows the recruiter that you have a bright, inquiring mind and a genuine interest in working for their organisation. It also […]